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Advantages And Disadvantages Of BlackBerry Curve 8530

BlackBerry Curve 8530 is an execelente phone. First of all we have to understand that this phone is not a GSM PHONES. Its a CDMA, meaning it does not use a sim card like the phones in eurpoe. This phone was made mainly for US (where there are no GSM network) market and not for Europe. 
Blackberry marketing/production strategy is all about pushing products into market without considering whether it satisfies the basic need of consumers because they've got the fame. Thats why i admires Nokia's marketing strategy of conducting research before production, creating awareness and positioning of a new and existing products, and pushing into market products that's gonna benefit their customers on a long run as a marketer.
They also consider other external factors like economic and geographical factors by ensuring product availability(place) and making it reachable(price) to all classes(from upper to lower). And this has made them dorminate the large share of market in Africa making it a household name.
One have to agree that BlackBerry phones are so expensive and that too users of BlackBerry handphone have to pay for  BlackBerry Internet Service(BIS) To use BBM?.
Remember, if you are involved in daily business, you must purchase BlackBerry and nothing else. however no one can compare the security of BlackBerry with any other phones.
If you are just another ordinary user of mobile, Blackberry is very complicated to use and there wont be any file manager and the WIFI setup will be very tough for you if you are not a Professional, and more over, its price will be high for very little for you to have. You can try Nokia e series for much more with the same price.
It does have internet... it's a BLACKBERRY! i thought it would be obvious. The camera is good, five times digital zoom. Way too much zoom for 2MP camera. As soon as you start zooming you will immediately kill the integrity of the image.
It got faster internet browsing, better than the one offered by the GSM networks. EV-DO is much faster than GPRS and EDGE. One can watch full movies on it and it has a good mp3 player with it. 
The only problem with BlackBerry Curve 8530 is the battery. One must know that blackberry phone are like mini computers. they have CPU, memory and an operating system installed on it. Surely, that must take a lot of battery power. Its able to go a full day with normal use. But if you want more battery power for it then go buy a seidio battery 2600 MAH for blackberry. Its got 3 and half times the original battery power and will last at least 3 and half days.
One cannot use rFacebook or Skype or such other softwares in BlackBerry.


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