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Advantages Of Windows Phone Mango | Smart Phone With Xbox Live Gaming Capability

Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 might be the last on the race, but it’s surely doing its best to catch up. The next Windows Phone 7 update, dubbed as Mango, promised its subscribers with Twitter integration, SkyDrive sync and multi-tasking.

Based on the concept that users want to connect and share, Microsoft has based its Windows Phone 7.5 (Code Named ‘Mango’) design on heavy-duty integration of functions.

Windows Phone 7.5 ‘Mango’ let you e-mail, send text messages, and share photos among a group, all from one place and includes much more features. Great for keeping track of work colleagues vs. friends.

Advantages Of Windows Phone Mango  Smart Phone With Xbox Live Gaming Capability

Mango also applies the heavy-duty integration to apps. Today, apps don't currently integrate and must be launched separately for separate functions. Mango seeks to seamlessly integrate into one app what used to take two or three apps. Imaging searching for a nearby shopping mall in your maps app and being able to view a interior map of the mall and get a pop-up directory of stores all in one.

Internet Explorer 9 is included in the update and is exactly the same as the new desktop application. Integration is, once again, key here. Instead of providing a list of hyperlinks, content is integrated and presented in a more useful way.

The Visual Search function lets you do a search based on a photo of an object, barcode, and QR tags. Quick Cards gives you a one-stop look at search items a search for a movie gives you movie poster, local show times, plot descriptions, cast info, and ratings all in one spot. It will even link you to IMDB for the finer details or to Fandango to buy your ticket.

App shortcutting is, perhaps, the most revolutionary feature. It allows you to shortcut to a specific function within an app. Take Virgin Atlantic new app that allows you to book flights, check status, change reservations, etc. When you are ready to fly, you can tack a shortcut onto your home screen that will bring you directly to your paperless boarding pass, rather than having to start the app and navigate through several screens. Not only a time-saver, but it will certainly put you at the ready and cut down on the glares from those in line behind you (and hopefully create a bit of jealousy).

Additional features include improved predictive text, Facebook events now in calendar, improved voice commands and hands-free voice texting, MS Office 365 upgrades, all-in-one mail inbox, redesigned XBOX hub, and app hopping (running multiple apps at once).

Microsoft also announced there are over 18,000 apps available and that Mango developer tools have been released to let everyone get a head start on ramping apps up to Mango speed.

Office, Xbox and Skype Now In Windows Phone 7.5 ‘Mango’

Mango includes an updated version of the Office suite that will ship with new versions of Excel, One Note and PowerPoint. Among the improvements, users will be able to highlight cells in Excel to change data.

The upgrade will also include the Internet voice and video service Skype to allow users to make Skype calls from Windows Phones. Note that, Microsoft buys Skype for $8.5 billion

Mango will also have an Xbox Live gaming capability, the only smartphone OS to do so. Users will be able to see a friend list, and every game on the device can be accessed through the Xbox Live tile on the home screen in Mango, Microsoft said.

The inclusion of Office, Skype and Xbox Live is important because all three products are already market leaders separate from Mango.


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