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Applying Default Quota Limits In Windows

This article explains how to limit the disk space for the users in Windows XP which will help to manages the disk space efficiently in a multiuser environment. If you are looking for quota management for Windows 7, Continue with the other link on How to limit disk quota for users in Windows 7.

Computers are used in multiuser environment in many organizations in order to minimize the cost and productivity of the company. Windows users have more provisions on limiting the space allowed for each user.

1. Use the Local Users and Groups utility to create two new users, User1 and User2.  Deselect the User Must Change Password at Next Logon option for each user.

2. Log off as Administrator and log on as User1. Drag and drop some folders to
drive D:.

3. Log on as Administrator. Select Start -> Run, then type Explorer.

4. In Windows Explorer, expand My Computer. Right-click Local Disk (D:) and select

5. In the Local Disk Properties dialog box, select the Quota tab.

6. Check the Enable Quota Management check box.

7. Click the Limit Disk Space To radio button. Specify 5MB as the limit. Specify the Set Warning Level To value as 4MB.

8. Click the Apply button, then click the OK button.

9. Log off as Administrator and log on as User2. Drag and drop folders that total more than 5MB to drive D:. You should see a warning when 4MB worth of files are copied and not be allowed to copy additional files after you reach the 5MB limit.

10. Log off as User2 and log on as Administrator.

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