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Configuring HT Omega Striker Sound Card For Skype | Fix Skype Problem On Windows 7

We have been working on SKYPE since Windows 7 Beta. And few have mailed us that they are facing problem with Installing and working with SKYPE on Windows 7.

Few complaints say that Skype stops responding in Windows 7 after logging in. if you this experience the first solution we do recommend is to get the latest version of SKYPE from their website. In general, Skype works fine (the newer version for win7). There is no issue with Windows 7, we just have to start looking at SKYPE setup.

If the issue with the sound or audio. There might be conflict with your sound card. Windows does not allow two programs to access sound card at same time. If you are using any ad on with SKYPE such as SKYPE Recorder, Simply disable SKYPE recorder to check if Skype crashes. And also, if you have installed any webcam, search for the file BtwVdpCapFilter1.dll and rename it.

for those who use Windows 7 64 bit Operating System, please follow this instruction to make SKYPE work on your Operating System.

You cannot install SKYPE version prior to 3.6. So, try the Skype version onwards. If you are interested, you can also test the beta version of SKYPE.

The following steps are workaround to people who use HT Omega Striker sound card.

  • Disconnect your internet so that Skype wont sign in.
  • Open windows device manager and disable (not uninstall, just disable it) the HT Omega Striker sound card
  • Connect your internet
  • Sign on your Skype as usual.
  • Now go to Skype --> tools –> options
  • Go to sound effects page (NOT the microphone/speaker page) and MUTE all sound effects (such as "sign on", "sign off"), make sure you mute all of them.
  • Enable your HT Omega Striker
  • Now your Skype should work. Microphone and speakers should work well in calls and rings. But you wont have the sound effects when sign-in or someone sending fill and such.

In addition, for this compatibility issue, could be the best resource.


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