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Does Windows 8 Beta Is Now Available For Testing

Microsoft seems to be mixing the best of many of its products and services into one streamlined computing experience called Windows 8. Read more:  6 Things You Can Expect From Windows 8

Leaks about Windows 8 details say Microsoft is planning a 128 bit operating system for 2012. Read more: Windows 8 To Support 128 Bit Architecture

Recently, MSFTtm has tweeted that the latest build of Windows 8 compiled is build 8011 with build string as 6.2.8011.0.winmain.110520-1745. The build string states that the build was compiled recently on May 20. Some other builds compiled recently which has been reported are.

  • 6.2.8006.0.winmain.110513-1855
  • 6.2.8005.0.winmain.110512-1726
  • 6.2.7996.0.winmain.110429-1810

These are not the only builds reported. There were many in the list but we have mentioned the latest few.

There were roomers among the users that more or less every other Windows Operating System is crap look at the history ME crap, XP Good, Vista Crap, Windows 7 Good.

They can only assume windows 8 will be crap when it is first released I'm sure it will have more eye candy then windows 7...think leopard window animations etc.

Although truth be told Microsoft can't afford to put out crap OS's anymore because there are plenty of other viable options out there now for people to choose from...hint hint Microsoft don't release the damn OS until its completely ready in all aspects especially security and stability

But Having good hardware makes any windows Operating System just fine. I have used all of those with no problems.

To apply to become a beta tester for Microsoft Corporation, visit the following Microsoft Web site:

Use your Microsoft Passport Network credentials (the e-mail address and password that you use to sign in to the Passport Network) to sign in.


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