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Fix CD And DVD AutoRun Problem Using Group Policy

You may encountered this problem sometimes that every time and when ever you insert a cd or dvd, even a factory install disk, nothing happens.

Normally by default when a drive is mounted with the disk we will get a dialog box popping out and asking us to choose what to do.

If you don't get such message, the only way to run the setup program is to access the disk through my computer, click the DVD / CD drive and then choose run setup or do anything you need to do with the disk.

This problem occurs because the autorun feature has been disabled or is not functioning.

AutoRun and the companion feature AutoPlay are components of the Microsoft Windows operating system that dictate what actions the system takes when a drive is mounted.

AutoRun was introduced to ease application installation for non-technical users and reduce the cost of software support calls. When an appropriately configured CD-ROM is inserted into a CD-ROM drive, Windows detects the arrival and checks the contents for a special file containing a set of instructions.

For a commercial application, these instructions normally initiate installation of the software from the CD-ROM. To maximise the likelihood of installation success, AutoRun also acts when the drive is accessed ("double-clicked") in Windows Explorer (or "My Computer").

Difference Between Autorun And AutoPlay: Until the introduction of Windows XP, the terms AutoRun and AutoPlay were used interchangeably, developers often using the former term and end users the latter. The terminology was of little importance until the arrival of Windows XP and its addition of a new feature to assist users in selecting appropriate actions when new media and devices were detected. This new feature was called AutoPlay and a differentiation between the two terms was created.

Try the following method to turn on autoplay:

  • 1. Click Start and in the Search box, type gpedit.msc and press Enter, browse to Computer Configuration\ Administrative Templates\ Windows Components\ Autoplay Policies\ Turn off Autoplay.

Fix CD And DVD AutoRun Problem

  • 2. Change the value of Turn off Autoplay to disabled.

If this issue persists, I suggest you perform a Clean Boot to check how it works.


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