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Fix Issues On Installing Internet Explorer 9 And Its Prerequisite

Internet Explorer 9 provides the premiere modern enterprise browser experience: fast,clean,and trusted. And while trying to install Internet Explorer 9, we may some time struck in to some type of errors or issues related to prerequisites and IE9 installed. In this post we will see how to fix the issues and successfully install Internet Explorer 9.

When you install Windows Internet Explorer 9, additional prerequisite software and components need to be installed. There may also be other issues keeping you from installing IE9. First, the prerequisites vary, depending on the operating system that you use. To see which updates you need to install IE9, see the following KB article:
KB2399238  Prerequisites for installing Internet Explorer 9

Other possible issues that may cause Internet Explorer Setup to fail:

  • Prerequisites updates required for IE9 may be already installed. These updates may have already been installed with Windows Update KB2454826. In this case you do not need to reinstall the updates.
  • If using Windows Vista, you may not have Service Pack 2 installed, Internet Explorer 9 will not install without Windows Vista Service Pack 2. Check here to install the latest Service Pack:
  • If using Windows 7, you need to have a released Genuine copy of Windows 7 installed. Internet Explorer 9 will not install on pre-released or Non-Genuine copies of Windows 7.
  • Windows may need to be rebooted to install Internet Explorer 9. If Windows needs to restart to complete a previous installation, IE may not install. Reboot your computer and try and install IE9 again.

Once these issues are resolved, Internet Explorer 9 should install successfully. If you are still having installation issues see the following KB article:
KB2409098 How to solve Internet Explorer 9 installation problems


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