Thursday, May 19, 2011


Fix The Pop Up Window Near The Clock In Windows

Sometimes you may come across a pop up windows or a pop up message near your system clock, that is to the right side bottom of your Monitor. I sometimes get a small window opening near the bottom right of my computer. It will look as it is a message from Internet Explorer.

You will get the message always in the same place and some times you cannot erase it nor make it go away unless you restart your computer.

The message states "Navigation to the webpage was cancelled" I am not on the Internet nor do I have any browser running when I get the message.  I was just copying files from one disk to another.

If you see a small triangle next to the clock and date listing, click on it and then click on customize, this will open the action center and you can review the list for popup, and disable it if you want. Go to your control panel and the action center is also listed in this area.

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If the message is not related to Action Center, then most probably it can be a virus or a malware trying to make you do something silly by clicking it. Or it can be from any of the software's you have installed that is trying to update itself or which tries to connect to the internet.

Try installing Microsoft Security Essentials and check your PC for errors. Microsoft Security Essentials is the name of Microsoft’s latest Anti-Virus/Anti-Spyware software for Windows operating system. It is already being tested internally at Microsoft and was launch in September last year… Read more:


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