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How BlackBerry Works | Importance Of ISP For Using BlackBerry

BlackBerry is truly a wondrous thing, boasting many features beyond your ordinary mobile phone. And its “sudden” popularity didn’t happen overnight. Read more: About The History Of Black Berry.

For those who always ask, “How do they do that?”, this article will give you the answer for that. And you will also understand that without subscribing for Blackberry services your BlackBerry is just a device that can test and call your friends.

You might also be wondering why you didn’t get your BlackBerry from RIM (Research In Motion) rather than from a network service provider (the company that provides your phone and data service) such as AT&T or T-Mobile. Why did you need to go through a middle person? After all, RIM makes the BlackBerry.

There has been a lot of talk in the last few years about smartphones like the BlackBerry (which you are probably carrying), and how they can change the way you work, communicate with others, and the way you are entertained Read more:

That’s an excellent question — and here’s the quick-and-dirty answer: RIM needs a delivery system — a communication medium, as it were — for its technology to work. Not in a position to come up with such a delivery system all by its lonesome, RIM partnered (and built alliances across the globe) with what developed into its network service providers — the usual suspects (meaning the big cellphone companies).

These middlemen support the wireless network for your BlackBerry so that you can connect to the BlackBerry Internet Service, or BlackBerry Enterprise Server — and get all those wonderful e-mails (and spend so much valuable time surfing the Internet). See the following Figure for an overview of this process.

How BlackBerry Works  Importance Of ISP For Using BlackBerry

Network service providers don’t build alliances for nothing, right? In return, RIM gave them the right to brand their names on the BlackBerry smartphones that they offer for sale.

For example, a T-Mobile BlackBerry looks different from a similar model you get from Vodafone.

Many of you have this doubt, do BlackBerry functionalities differ from phone model to phone model? Well, in simple they do not. In the core BlackBerry applications (such as Message, Tasks, and Address Book), you find no major differences.

How the BlackBerry can change your lifestyle, Was it BlackBerry Messenger, the always connected e-mail, the multimedia player to replace your iPod or iPhone, or a really good app that you saw on your friend’s BlackBerry? To know more, read my earlier post:


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