Friday, May 27, 2011


How To Enable Internet Explorer 9 Favorites Toolbar

Where did the Favorites toolbar go in Internet Explorer 9? Slowly Microsoft is removing or hiding the toolbar in all its recent products ever since the launch of Office 2007. Earlier Toolbars are seen in office suites, graphics editors and web browsers.

In a graphical user interface on a computer monitor a toolbar is a GUI widget on which onscreen buttons, icons, menus or other input or output elements are placed.

Toolbars are usually distinguished from palettes by their integration into the edges of the screen or larger windows, which results in wasted space if too many under populated bars are stacked atop each other (especially horizontal bars on a landscape oriented display) or interface inefficiency if overloaded bars are placed on small windows. And that might be the reason Microsoft is pulling that concept from its all recent products.

Well, favorite toolbar in Internet Explorer is not completely removed. its just hidden. And the question is, how do I enable the IE9 Favorites toolbar? In IE9, the favorite’s toolbar is off by default.


To enable the toolbar right click the favorites icon (the star icon in the top-right corner of your Internet Explorer window), and then click Favorites bar. To bring up the menu bar, press the Alt button.


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