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How To Enable The Status Bar In Internet Explorer 9

A status bar, similar to a status line, is an information area typically found at the bottom of windows in a graphical user interface. A status bar is sometimes divided into sections, each of which shows different information.

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A status bar job is primarily to display information about the current state of its window, although some status it also shows things bars have extra functionality. For example, many web browsers have clickable sections that pop up a display of security or privacy information. And in Internet Explorer we have the most important function in status bar, the Zoom. And if you cant find the status bar on your Internet Explorer 9, Here is the steps how to enable and disable the Internet Explorer 9 Status Bar.

The status bar is at the bottom of the browser and typically does two things.

  • 1. Shows information about the URL when you hover over a link.
  • 2. Allows the user to adjust the zoom on the page.

For Internet Explorer 9, as with the command and favorites bars, the status bar is off by default. To enable the status bar go to View>Toolbars>Status Bar. To bring up the menu bar, press the Alt button.

Once the status bar is enabled Zoom will be available automatically. You can also use the zoom functionality by clicking on the tools button and using the zoom options there. Zoom is also available using CTRL + Mouse Scroll, or CTRL + “+” or ”–“.

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