Wednesday, May 11, 2011


How To Fix The Oblivion As It Crashes On Windows 7

Oblivion, worked on vista but for some reasons it crashes on Windows 7. I've been trying to play oblivion lately, and on windows 7 it for some reason crashes over and over again for no reason. After checking everything the only difference i have come across from when i had Vista installed (oblivion worked on vista) is that i have DirectX 11 now.

I have tried many things to remove DirectX 11 and roll back to 10 or 9, but no matter what i attempt i cannot remove DirectX 11. Now to question is, is it possible to remove DirectX 11?

Solution: After doing some research on it, finally it is understood that The Directx11 is embedded in windows 7 and it can't be uninstalled. I have checked this oblivion on Windows 7 compatible centre and Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion is is compatible with Windows 7.

Therefore, one have to try and check the version of the game and see if it is fully compatible with Windows 7. Since it worked properly in Windows Vista, we have to try installing the game in Windows Vista compatible mode.

In addition, depending upon the model of the computer and graphic card. Updating the device driver to windows 7 compatible level according to the computer manufacture website is important to obtain a stable performance. If no driver for Windows 7 yet, reinstalling the driver for vista in compatible mode is worth a try.

When using multiple monitors, it is good to disable the non-Oblivion monitor and check if the issue can be resolved. Also, it is important to check the display settings for both of the system and the Oblivion game.


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