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How To Fix When Internet Explorer Has Stopped Working

When using Internet Explorer I get the error: “Internet Explorer has stopped working”, why am I getting this error? How do I Fix this?

This error can be caused by hardware or hardware driver incompatibilities. Internet Explorer 9 utilizes the power of the GPU to render HTML5 multimedia elements. The benefit of building on Direct2D technologies is that the browser makes the most of the underlying PC hardware that’s optimized for rendering rich graphics.

This results in faster web applications and a higher quality browsing experience for users. When IE9 uses the GPU, there is less CPU load; this enables other browser subsystems to do more, as well as enabling higher frame rates for smooth animation and video playback.

Disable Hardware Acceleration In Internet Explorer

If your hardware does not support hardware acceleration you can set an option in the Advanced Settings to Use software rendering instead of GPU rendering. You can enable or disable this setting at Tools>Internet Options>Advanced. To bring up the menu bar, press the Alt button. Click to select or unselect the check box for the “Use software rendering instead of GPU rendering” option under Accelerated graphics.

Before setting this option you might download and install the latest drivers for your video card, updated drivers may enable support for hardware acceleration for your hardware.

If changing this option does not resolve the issue there are additional troubleshooting steps that can help, click the link below to see the article: Tips For Solving Problems With Internet Explorer


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