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How To Open .MIX File Without Microsoft Picture IT

If you are previously working with Microsoft Picture IT, you may have some .MIX files with you. Without using Microsoft Picture IT, how to open .MIX files?.  Also note that there are three types of .MIX file: those for MS Windows Sound MIX, those for Power C object files, and image files.

A doubt may arise on how to open the .MIX file  when someone sends you a file with an .MIX extension without mentioning if its is a Picture. A Sound Or A Power C Object File. Typically, the image file is the cause of confusion for most computer users.

I have some .mix files but no longer have the PictureIt application for my XP computer.  Is there a way to open them so I can save them as .jpg?

There are two methods to work out if the .MIX is a Picture file.

Warning: Its  always a good idea to create a System  Restore point before installing software or updates

Method 1: Using Microsoft Digital Image 2006:

The trial version of Microsoft Digital Image 2006 will open your .mix files and you can use the Mini Lab to batch convert them to the .jpg format. Loading too many photos at one time may cause freezes. Might try starting with 20 or 30 and see how it goes from there.

Just open the .mix files in DIS 2006 and go to Touchup / Batch Edit in Mini Lab.

Microsoft Digital Image Starter Edition 2006

(this product line has been discontinued but you can still download the Starter Version and run it for 60 days)

Method 2: Using PolyView:

If you are following this method, you'll find it to be  much faster than Microsoft Digital Image and larger batches shouldn't  be a problem.:

If these are single image files created in MS Picture It! and are not layered projects. That is if its not a album pages, greeting cards, collages, etc., the following info should be useful to you:

The evaluation version of PolyView may allow you to batch reformat your .mix files.
You can download an evaluation copy at the following link:

PolyView (Go to...Downloads / PolyView Any Latest Version Setup Program).

When you open PolyView Go To File -> Format Conversions – > Browse to the folder your .mix files are saved in and open the drop window and choose "All Files".

  • Left click the "Add All" button.
  • Left click the "Continue" button.
  • Choose your "Destination Format" JPEG
  • Choose your JPEG quality –> 100
  • Choose a "Destination Folder"
  • Left click the "Start" button.
  • Also read on how to open a .MIX file:


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