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HTC Wild Fire Specification And Review

The HTC Wild Fire is the absolute multitasking device. It has a 3.2 inch touchscreen and seven customizable home screens. You can access Facebook, Twitter and Flickr, all at the same tome, on the same screen. Its next generation caller-id gives you information about the caller's Facebook status and birthday date,too.with the infinite number of application available on Android market, including games, social networking and much more, you will never be bored or out of reach from your friends and family.

Between the desire or wildfire. The desire is a better phone, faster processor etc. than the wildfire, however for people (ladies) with small hands and long nails, you just got to grips with capacitive touch screen.

HTC Wild Fire Specification And Review

  • HTC Wild Fire looks nicer. However it needs to be a pretty good performer for exchange active synch, pop3 accts, sat nav and various other applications to be all running at the same time.

  • I have heard that because of the screen resolution on the HTC Wild Fire it actually uses less processor power so can in fact be faster. I am not sure about this as I never heard that the screen resolution have some part on the speed.

  • If you are looking for Facebook music camera & internet & a few games, moving to HTC WildFire From iPhone, is a good choice. In fact you should just decide between the Wildlife and Desire. IPhone does not have so many feature as compared to these 2 HTC phones. The screen resolution may be worse but for few that means nothing if what they look for is just Facebook, music, camera, internet & a few games.

HTC WildFire is great and it's a cheaper phone than other mobiles of its class. HTC Wild Fire gives everything I like about the IPhone & the best things is what I miss such as the camera & I think free Google maps Sat Nav.

For HTC Wild Fire price even with QVGA is costly because of the low screen resolution, many of the application in the android market could not be installed.

HTC Wild Fire support multi-touch as in the home screen you can use multi touch to get to the helicopter view of HTC sense. However i am unsure about if the browser supports multi touch.

If you are unsure whether to get this phone or the X10 mini. HTC wildfire is the right choice, Mini has a 2.55" display and it is too small for any kind of entertainment.

The Desire also has a CPU that is twice as fast, This is 528 MHz and Desire 1 GHz. The desire maybe faster. The CPU has to do since there are pixels on the screen. In fact there are 5 times on the desire's screen to the wildfire, but the is only twice as fast.

if u think about it , this should be as fast as the desire (maybe faster) because of the low resolution. The CPU has to do less calculations since there are less pixels on the screen. In fact there are 5 times the pixels on the desire's screen compared to the wildfire, but the CPU is only twice as fast.

Using The HTC Wild Fire, we can stay in touch with your people all the time in every way, there are 10 or 20 ways to contact a person and send the information. And Wi-Fi has no problem and the. It can do it if all your data connections like Wi-Fi, GPRS/EDGE and auto sync is used only when necessary and kept off otherwise.

The battery life on the wildfire i would say is good. It doesn't take that long to charge but I do have to charge it every other day.

If you are going to play music on headphones or speaker, your battery will loose its power in just over 1.5 hours

I listen to a lot of music everyday on my Bluetooth headset, i do a lot of texting rather than calls with substantial amount of internet browsing but still the phone is keeping up well.

Its 5 MP camera is not so good. Even Blackberry 2 MP cam is way much better this. The camera is not as good as the same when N95 was introduced, but it does the job quite well, the only issue is that you really have to have a steady hand. You might find the pictures a bit less sharp if you have experienced better cameras otherwise the pictures are pretty perfect and can surely be uploaded to Facebook.

Only resolution is not good that everybody knows, it has good browser like dolphin for browsing & skyfire for online streaming & videos. Sound is not that bad, and don't compare it with Sony, as Sony devices are known for its music & Camera. And also most imp. Wildfire runs on Android 2.2, which X10 don't! So, be happy with this budget phone.

Points To Consider:

  • Android market is installed.
  • The problem is its getting a bit pixelated when you observe deeply.
  • Not good clarity.
  • Every time we have to adjust the camera before shoot or else we will get lighting problem in contrast and brightness.
  • While playing games or videos and listening to Music battery gets squeezed.
  • Once in a month make the battery dry and charge it fully for better battery performance and life.
  • It can Import all the contacts from you previous smart phone so need not worry about copying contacts.
  • Sense is absolutely brilliant it works as Apple iPhone in Sense.
  • Applications are vast and are available for all kind of people, more over some applications are not free but cheap.

Excellent phone! The low resolution actually is not a problem for me as i thought it would be, it looks quite clear. For the price is unbeatable (until Wildfire S).

Technical Specification:

Processor: Low Power ARM 11, 800MHz Processor

Display: 7 inches Resistive Touch Display; 800 x 480 pixel resolution

Memory: 256MB (DDR II RAM) + NAND Flash 2GB (In-Built )+ Micro SD card for expandibility upto 8GB

GPS : Bult in high sensitivity GPS reciever

Connectivity : Wi-Fi Support 802.11 b/g

Blue tooth 2.0 + EDR

EVDO dongle USB Interface

Camera : 0.3 MP (Front Facing)

Sensor : G Sensor (support rotation)

I/O Ports : SD/ MMC slot

USB2.0 Host

Power supply connector : Headphone & MIC: 3.5mm stereo jack & Internal MIC, Built in high quality speaker

Operating System: Android 2.2 (Froyo)

Battery: Built-in Li polymer rechargeable 2400mAH battery

Dimensions : 205.4 x 110.92 x 14mm

Weight : 400gm

Sales package contents

  • Tablet
  • Sleeve Cover
  • Headphone
  • Charger
  • Map Application


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