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iPhone 4 Advantages And Disadvantages

iPhone 4 introduces a whole new way of multitasking. Now you can run your favorite third-party apps — and switch between them instantly — without slowing down the performance of the foreground app or draining the battery unnecessarily. This smarter approach to multitasking is available only on iPhone.

No matter how much more powerful the SGS 2 is, some will still prefer the iPhone 4 or 5. Who are these people? Maybe those who don't value power over all else.

Games. Android phones are powerful no doubt, but gaming wise iOS is still tops. Android may catch up, and soon too, but that day is not yet here.

Personal hotspot performance is superb on mine. It is also dependent on network speed so that may be the problem.

Display Type: LED-backlit IPS TFT, capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors

Display Size : 640 x 960 pixels, 3.5 inches

Display Features:

  • Scratch-resistant oleo phobic surface
  • Multi-touch input method
  • Accelerometer sensor for auto-rotate
  • Three-axis gyro sensor
  • Proximity sensor for auto turn-off

iPhone 4 Advantages And Disadvantages

iPhone 4 is a powerful piece of kit and has good hardware, but as a mobile phone, it doesn't really perform. You just have to think that if Apple changed its policy on controlling it and opening up its potential, it could have been fantastic.

However great the iPhone 5 might be, I cant see it being better than the SGS II. Will be interesting to see how Steve Jobs tries to slag it off

I prefer that Apple controls its products. It has resulted in a very unified product. For example, when it comes to gaming, developers have to take into account the weakest product, so that games can run on as many devices as possible. This has led to weaker game selection on Android, due to fragmentation. The SGS2 is immensely powerful, but without great games for example, what is the point of the power.

For someone who prefers to tinker, and maybe squeeze every ounce of performance out of a phone, iPhone may not be suitable. Then again, even without jailbreaking my iPhone, I do an amazing amount of things with it. And if you jailbreak the iphone you could make video calls over 3g, with an app called MY3G from the CYDIA APP store.

Jail breaking voids your warranty. Why it is against the terms or Apple. Read more on why Jail breaking Apple iPhone or iPod Voids Warranty.

You can play your electric guitar with multiple amps, using Amplitude. Gaming on iPhone is shocking in its quality, Dead Space, Infinity Blade. At the moment, the iPhone gives me a great combination of reliability, a huge selection of quality games, and (in my case) phone calls.

Not only is the product it self great, but the support we get for it puts apple far above any of its competitors.

There is apple stores right across almost every major shopping center in north America, where if your phone shows signs of any defect you bring it in and they repair it. That’s why they hold the gold for products and services.

Apple iPhone 4 manages to cling on to signal where my iPhone 3GS and Blackberry 8900 didn't manage to get signal. And there have been instances where I had signal when my friends did not. Of course this isn't conclusive evidence, but then again it also hardly acts like the signal losing disaster others say it is.

Overall, after almost a year's worth of use, travel, gaming, surfing, emailing, calling, Facetiming, Skyping, this is a reliable and great phone to have.


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