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LG Optimus 2X Advantages And Disadvantages

The LG Optimus 2X is the world's first Tegra-2 phone which is a dual-core processor that will run Android 2.2 (and 2.3 upon upgrade) at lightning speeds.  Read more:
Based on the benchmarking software's from android market, this phone is pretty fast. My experience for this phone is this phone is the fastest phone at this moment. But the battery is not as good as the Samsung Galaxy S. Likely due to dual core, processor drain battery faster. Screen sharpness is ok. Price is reasonable. I would say this is one of the value for money phone.
Optimus 2x - dual core with tegra chip set, 300+ RAM. So by right which phone will be more smooth in web browsing, multitasking and Unser Interface smoothness? Galaxy have a higher ram, but Optimus has dual core + tegra chip set.
ARM is just processor architecture which is adapt by tegra design of processor it self. It's a standard for processor.
Optimus 2X still a bit of lag n freeze present and there’s a lot of applications preinstalled in it which consumed most of the internal memory, but overall, it is one of the best mobile. I only have 1 thing to warn potential users of this phone. Be careful which "quick setting" application you install, it might cause the Optimus 2X from connecting to the network properly.
Few have said that they experience missing incoming calls, even when they are not using the phone and the signal strength is full. They also experience no incoming messages for their whatsapp, even when wifi or data signal is at good level. Lastly they also said that they experience SMS not sending out, which is one of the main problem then. However, the network connection is back to normal (most of the above problems resolved) after uninstall all quick-setting app.
The most frequent problem that occurs from Optimus  is SMS unable to send out even at good signal level.
I went to LG service center to have my phone checked and reload all the software and reset back to factory default, still sending SMS is miss and hit thing daily.
If you use less SMS after using whatsapp, so the pain is less obvious to you at the moment. You will be even lucky if most of your friends get switched to whatsapp for message. Beside the SMS problem, everything is fine and the great screen & speed of the phone is just awesome. I hope the Gingerbread upgrade will resolved the SMS issue in future.
If this phone is crashing or isn't that fast as you were expecting it to be, Upgrade it for LG's 2.3 android with CM7 which is based on Android 2.3.3 which will unleash the full power of this monster phone.
A Comment From a friend: Though loving many aspects of it, but am considering returning it. The battery drained up very quickly,and it constantly have overheated problem. The phone seems to be very hot to the touch a lot of times. Twice, when I picked up the phone trying to make calls, I encountered "no network available.", when there shouldn't be.
And another friend comment this way: Had this phone for a week now and what a phone it is. used this next to a friends iphone 5 and both reckon the lg takes better pics, as fast at processing, bigger screen (if thats what you want). Best phone i've ever had, cheaper contract than an iphone and just as good.
The light leaking on the screen, that's the bad part! and to be frank, the battery last for 1 day with my constant playing with the phone. Maybe after a while when you are done with exploring, the battery may last for 2 days.
Apart from the battery, the phone really feels nice and ergonomic wise, it's wonderful! maybe the camera can be more hidden but it does looks cool i must say. The graphic and running of programs are very smooth! though the User interface is a wee bit laggy though acceptable! Later when i root it and use other roms, maybe i can give more of an opinion.... but the phone is very good! though this is my first android, so my comment mayb a bit bias.... lolz!
The only light "leaking" around the corners, is the nice detail on touchscreen edges, that are beautifully rounded down towards the sides! Note: that does not have a negative effect on the touch screen, as the screens input area is all flat as your brain activity.
LG O2X is brilliant but it desperately needs some upgrades before getting success in the market. As Samsung Galaxy 2 has copied all its features and done important upgrades before announcing it.
One thing which i didn't like was the device came with a lot of Star Hub's own bloat ware which I couldn't uninstall. Other than that the device is superb. Tegra2 is awesome.
The main advantage for me is the fact the phone is unlocked, unlike the Samsung phones, this gives developers the opportunity to create great customized rom that are already available.
I have installed the latest custom 2.2 rom removing all the bloat ware and the phone runs even better than before, i would definitely recommend this phone to everyone is the best of 2011.
With just some small upgrades it will rule the market all 2011. Like LED, front cam 2mp, 3G AT 21MBPS, infinity folders, Xeon flash, etc.


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