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List Of Useful Mobile Applications For Online Transactions | Make And Receive Payments From Your Mobile

These awesome apps let you use your phone for transactions today. here are few cool mobile apps that will enable you to pay for items (or to receive payments for them) with your phone right now. Most of these payment apps are designed strictly for person-to-person transactions, but a few of them will let you make purchases at the retail counter.

Person-to-Person Payments and Recurring Bills Plenty of apps can help you transfer cash  to another person.

Unfortunately, this arrangement imposes numerous limitations on who can pay whom, and it exposes private account information.

Large banks such as Bank of America, Citibank, and Wells Fargo have created Android and iPhone apps that let you pay (or get paid by) anyone who has an account at the same bank. Transferring money between customers requires the payee to share account numbers with the payer,  however, so it isn’t an ideal way to handle most transactions.

If the payee is a company or person with whom you frequently do business, you can probably log on to your account from your PC and add the recipient to a list of approved payees. Thereafter, you can log on from your phone at any time in order to send a payment when you need to, either by instant electronic payment or by check. And best of all, this method lets you pay folks regardless of whether they are customers at your bank.

PayPal: A familiar name in online payments, PayPal offers the mostadvanced options for person-toperson smartphone payments. Any two people with PayPal accounts can send and receive personal payments without incurring transaction fees, as long as the payments are made from a linked checking account (rather than from a credit card).

PayPal Mobile runs on Android, BlackBerry, and iPhone. The iPhone version lets users cash
checks by taking a picture of the check with the phone’s camera. The iPhone and Android  versions allow you to use the Bump app to exchange contact info, and they include an option for splitting a dinner bill easily; the BlackBerry version has yet to catch up on either score.

Venmo: Available (in limited release, with a sign-up waiting list) for iPhone and Android, Venmo offers PayPal-esque features for paying friends, splitting restaurant checks, paying your utilities, and so on. The service lets friends send and receive payments with no transaction fees or signup charges. It also permits you to link your Twitter and Facebook accounts to let everyone on your friends list know the identity of the lucky recipient of your largesse—an odd example of information sharing in this post-privacy era.

PayBack: A little app called PayBack for iPhone lets you handle shared expenses between friends (or roommates) by tracking who spent how much for what. You can quickly set up a report tabulating who owes whom how much, and then send the report via e-mail. essentially, it amounts to an IOu (or a “uOMe”). Mobile Shopping Spree A couple of apps offer you a glimpse of the future, in which you’ll be able to make retail purchases with your smartphone.

Starbucks Card Mobile for iPhone: If someone gave you a Starbucks gift card, but you never have it in your wallet, you need the free Starbucks Card Mobile iPhone app. To use  the app, first register your gift card at Then enter the card number into the app, and authorize it with your username and password from; at that point, a picture of your card will appear in the app along with your current balance. You can enter as many cards as you like.

At your local Starbucks, launch the app, tap the glowing Touch to Pay button to reveal your unique barcode, and hold the phone up to the cash register’s scanner until you hear a beep. When you’re done, the app will display your new balance.

Parkmobile: never have enough coins for a parking meter? If you’ve parked in a Parkmobile spot, you can pay with your BlackBerry, iPhone, or Android device. Once you’ve signed up for a Parkmobile account, you just pull into a space, launch the app, and let your phone’s geolocation features pinpoint your car. Submit your payment, go about your business, and let Parkmobile alert you when 15 minutes are left on the meter. (Whether you can re-up for additional hours depends on what kind of parking space you’re in.)

If you are not a professional, and if you are using the smart phone as your general purpose mobile phone, here are my top 10 list of applications that you should consider using. Read More Top 10 Applications For A General Purpose Smart Phone


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