Friday, May 20, 2011


Open PowerPoint Files On Outlook Express Mail

What ever the version of Operating System, Either Windows XP Home Or Professional and what ever Service Pack you have installed, Outlook Express will not open Power Point Files Directly From Its Mail. Please note, if you are having Microsoft Office Power Point Installed, you can download Power Point Viewer.

After downloaded successfully it was showing in a folder that 3KB - shortcut in D:\Documents & Settings\so so so... However we still failed to activate it.

Please Consider The Following Points:
  • Outlook Express can't open Power Point files.
  • It can only deliver them to the computer..
  • Files like power points are "attached" to the email.   
  • We have to manually "save" the attachment to a folder, like inside our documents folder.
  • We can close / exit Outlook Express.  Then open the file / attachment we saved. If the PP Viewer installed ok, then we should be able to double click on the saved file to open and view it.
  • The Power Point viewer program is freeware from Microsoft and doesn't require a product key or activation code.
  • Freeware's are provided by Microsoft to help those people that do not own Microsoft Office Products.  So they also have MS Word Viewers, Excel Viewers too.
  • Microsoft might get angry with me but we can also Open and create Power Points with a free program called "Open Office".


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