Friday, May 27, 2011


Microsoft Security Essentials Not Supported On Windows Home Server

Many people have this question in mind. “Will Microsoft Security Essentials work with Windows Home Server 2011?”

The answer is, No. The world's biggest software maker is now into antivirus software.Although you get firewall and anti-spyware tools as part of Windows, Microsoft has always been reluctant to give Windows users free anti-virus software. However, Microsoft Security Essentials is not supported on Windows Home Server. Microsoft Security Essential is only for Desktop Version Of Operating System and not for server versions.

Anti-virus software for Windows Home Server is available from a number of vendors. When purchasing anti-virus solutions, please make sure that you purchase the Windows Home Server specific edition.

Anti-virus software add-ins may also be available for Windows Home Server. A list of available add-ins for Windows Home Server can be found on our product website here.

Antivirus and antispyware software might cause your computer to slow down, even if the software itself isn't the cause of the slowdown. Read more…


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