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How do I move the Internet Explorer 9 Favorites sidebar to the left side of the window? Toolbars are usually distinguished from palettes by their integration into the edges of the screen or larger windows, which results in wasted space if too many under populated bars are stacked atop each other (especially horizontal bars on a landscape oriented display) or interface inefficiency if overloaded bars are placed on small windows.

And that might be the reason Microsoft is pulling that concept from its all recent products. Read more: How To Enable Internet Explorer 9 Favorites Toolbarimage

In Internet Explorer 9, the favorite’s sidebar is on the right by default. To move the favorites sidebar to the left side of the window use this shortcut: CTRL + SHIFT + I

To learn more about the other new features in IE 9, please see:
Discover Internet Explorer 9 - A more beautiful web

If you are using Internet Explorer 9 and if you recently updated your Adobe Flash Player, you will notice that the Images, videos and ad’s pop up on the left side of the browser in Internet Explorer 9. To Fix this issue, click on the below link. Fix For Ads Displaying on Wrong Side

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