Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Run A Program That Microsoft Security Essentials Detects As Potentially Harmful

What if I want to download or run a program that Microsoft Security Essentials detects as potentially harmful?

When Microsoft Security Essentials detects a potentially harmful program, it alerts you by displaying a notification. However, if you trust a program that Security Essentials has detected as potentially harmful, you can allow it to run on your computer.

There are 7 ways to identify if your computer is infected with malicious software. Not all the sever will suit at one time. But if you experience any of these seven habits on your system, then chances are there for your computer to be affected with spyware or malware or even with some virus. Read more:

Warning: If Security Essentials assigns a severe or high alert level to a program, it's a widespread or exceptionally malicious program, or it is a program that might collect your personal information without your knowledge. These programs can negatively affect your privacy and the security of your computer. They can damage your computer. We strongly advise you not to run these programs on your computer.

  • Download the program that you want to run.
  • When Security Essentials displays the notification, click the Show details link.
  • In the Potential threat details dialog box, select the program, click the down arrow in the Recommendation column, and then click Allow.
  • Click Apply actions. If you're prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or confirm the action.


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