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Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 Mini Pro Review

Ask a friend over with an email. Or just get in touch. Messaging is instant with Xperia X10 mini pro. A full slide-out QWERTY keyboard and intuitive touch screen right at your fingertips. Apps from Android Market and dropped into place with the One-hand control, drag n drop. Add the icons into the corners of yours screen-and have your favorites at thumb’s search.

Slider qwerty keypad. This is a fancy little phone and the battery is kind of disappointing, no zoom in camera. Its a good phone to download/read eBooks, read magazines, listen to songs, viewing websites, videos and all that. If you are not looking for big phones, and if size doesn't matter, there is only one word for this phone “awesome”

I notice that Sony Ericsson is very poor on battery when compared to Nokia. what’s d essence of having a phone wit no good charge span. I hope Sony Ericsson will improve on that because that’s what suffering from my w810i, with 3 batteries, it still doesn’t last 24hrs.

Yes, this phone has only 4 hours talk time. But its not going to affect you if you are not a  regular user of mobile. We can say Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 mini pro will have around 5 days of standby time when you are using it for about 20 sms  and around 20 minutes of calling a day. Seeing the size this X10 has, the battery seems OK, not great, but OK.

Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 Mini Pro Review

Its a phone which ladies find cute, all the more reason to get it. Just don't pick pink, that's ladylike though.

Sony Ericsson was in its prime when it had the P series phones back in 03-05. After a bad experience with the experia x1, This x10 should have came with android 2.1 or future 2.2 not the obsolete 1.6. I still have hope for them though.

Well, this phone is not good if you want to do serious use as smart phone. Though there are some good things about the phones like Small size, qwerty keypad. Here are few of the positives about this phone,

  • Android market
  • Great applications. By the way, all these apps are of Sony.
  • Task manager
  • Lovely interface
  • Friendly keyboard compared to flip out

And to discuss with some of the other drawbacks:

  • Old android version
  • After update of that version to a slightly less old version; many bugs:
  • Does not at all times recognize power cable (need to reboot)
  • SMS crashes when you exit from Concept message and try to reopen it (only option: delete all messages of that thread)
  • Horribly slow at times; although generally ok
  • Trouble with Gmail account synchronization - requiring frequent factory resets \
  • Bad battery lifetime
  • Freezes at awkward moments; e.g. oftentimes cannot disconnect a call (must wait for other caller to hang up)
  • Gets totally confused when you swap a SIM card - need to reinitialize most apps, including cleanup/resynchronize of all email accounts (30 Minutes of work or so)
  • Frequent dropping of data connection, Not because of signal strength all in all.
  • Absence of Multi Touch.
  • No video call or Secondary Camera.
  • Low display resolution
  • No zoom option in camera or video recording.
  • No default file manager
  • Poor Bluetooth accessibility
  • Applications cannot be stored in SD
  • The interface is missing silly little things. There is no way to delete all contacts at one shot! You need to search & download some app from android market.
  • Another point to say why interface is missing silly is that the notification for reminders & SMS reception is same. Generally, you can set separate tones for these too.  But this phone simply doesn’t support.

If you look at the user guide page 32 (or 33), it mentions steps to setup different tone for messages. But such setting is not present. When I inquired in Sony Ericson customer support through mail, I didn’t get reply even though I got a ticket number. I then called up the support & they told that this is not possible.

  • The PC application is not user friendly and its worse than Nokia’s OVI suite. You can’t synchronize different items in separate folders!
  • The home screen is not much configurable.

Too small display, too fat body and too old Android version(1.6). Hopefully the price is also mini. The screen is too small. The width is OK, but the length should be made in 16:9 ratio. At 17mm thick, this device will turn off customer. Design should have been better and not be the same as X10.

It's a small device that will come in multiple colors. You only need your thumb to operate it and if you want to do more, the keyboard will help you bang out texts and will only improve functionality. It will do well with teens, young adults, and women looking to get a Smartphone but don't have an iPhone.

It Is a MINI version of the Xperia 10. This was is made to be affordable to people who doesn’t have money for the X10. This phone is made with less features and to be fit for many people. Don't expect too much. Right now, video call is not so popular and no one really does video calls, its not even that popular. Video call camera will probably never be afford for such a low price.

It looks easy to use. Xperia is continuing to progress not only by its functions but also with its reduced size. The camera offers enough pixels and the resolution on the screen looks magically good where you can probably find good quality on the mp4 movies/clips.


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