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Steps To Log In As Administrator In Windows 7

Fix Accidently Deleted Administrator Account In Windows 7: If you are using Windows 7, and if you were an administrator in the past and by mistake when you removed yourself from the Administrator Group, you will be in a mess. How to solve the situation when you have no administrator account for your Windows 7.

Note that, even when you have an Administrator Account with Windows 7 and you have no password for that account, it is not possible to use the Run as feature, as the prompt that appears will give you the following message: "to continue, type an administrator password, and then click yes" If you have no administrator account or if your administrator account has no password, the password text field wont be active.

There is no prompt solution from Microsoft for this strange situation, how ever you can try the following steps if this can help you some times.

Windows always creates a built in Administrator with the name 'Administrator', but you can only see it by booting into Safe Mode.
MS forgets to tell people, so most people never set a password for it and leave their computers wide open.

Fix for the problem when your administrator account is disabled or has no password. Follow the steps…

  • 1. Start your Windows 7 in Safe Mode (Start the system and spamming F8 to get the 'boot in safe mode' Option).
  • 2. Login as your 'Administrator' Account.
  • 3. Change the user privileges of your account, OR turn off UAC.

If you still cant fix the issue using the above steps, there are some third part software (example: SpotMau) that will activate the hidden Administrator Account In Windows Vista and Windows 7. And then you can try to logging in as administrator.


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