Friday, May 20, 2011


System Restore Disk Will Erase All Previous Data On Hard Disk

When No Windows DVD Comes With Your PC. It’s becoming increasingly common for computer manufacturers to sell you a new PC without including an operating system CD-ROM. The machine has Windows installed on it—but if there’s no installation CD or DVD, what are you supposed to do in case of emergency?

Instead of a physical Windows disc, the manufacturer provides something called a restore image—a CD-ROM or DVD (or more than one) containing a complete copy of the operating system and other software that was installed on the computer at the factory. If the contents of the computer’s hard disk are ever lost or damaged, you can, in theory, restore the computer to its factory configuration by running a program on the restore image.

Of course, this image is a bit-by-bit facsimile of the computer’s hard disk drive, and therefore, restoring it to your computer completely erases whatever files are already on the drive. You can’t restore your computer from an image disk without losing all the data  you saved since you got the computer from the manufacturer.

Furthermore, some manufacturers install a copy of these installation files right on the hard drive, so you won’t even have to hunt for your CDs.


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