Friday, May 20, 2011


Unable To Change Background Picture In Windows 7

If you are the only user and the administrator and you have tried all the "usual stuff",but there was no change when you made selections under "personalize" and "background" or de-selection on the background picture.The reason is


  • In Windows 7, when you try to change your desktop background by clicking Control Panel, Appearance and Personalization and then Change desktop Background, the check boxes are not selected when clicked and the  Select all and Clear all buttons do not work as expected. Therefore, you cannot change desktop background.
  • In Windows 7, when you try to right-click a picture and then select Set as desktop background, you receive the following error message:

This image can't be set as wallpaper. An internal error occurred.

  • In Windows 7, the slideshow feature for desktop background does not work from a certain time although it works well before.

The above reasons can be caused by the following issues:

  • There are third-party applications like Display Manager from Samsung. (resolution, uninstall)
  • Background setting in the power options is disabled
  • The Remove background images option is incorrectly checked (Control Panel\Ease of Access\Ease of Access Center\Make the computer easier to see)
  • Domain policy disables the background changing
  • Corrupted Transcoded Wallpaper.jpg
  • You are using Windows 7 Starter or Windows 7 Home Basic; these versions of Windows 7 do not support changing the desktop background picture


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