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Ways To Increase Your Standby Time On Your Smart Phone

Battery life can usually only be extended by preventing or reducing the cause of the unwanted parasitic chemical effects which occur in the cells. Ways of improving battery life and hence reliability are also considered below.

Battery performance deteriorates over time whether the battery is used or not. This is known as "calendar fade". Performance also deteriorates with usage and this is known as "cycle fade".

To make your mobile phones work or can be known as energy backups. These are very much affordable, very economic, and compatible. Mobile batteries also help in supporting the talk time. They all can be recharged with mobile chargers. The more the company name, the more the mobile batteries.

Here are few tricks to save your stand by time of Mobile. That is to save battery.

  • Switch on data network mode to 2G if you are not using 3G.
  • If you are using Samsung Android OS, use ATKs from market.
  • Keep your  screen to the viewable brightness and not to the fullest.
  • Switch off wi-fi, Bluetooth, GPS (if not using)
  • Use dark background wallpaper(if its black then its great)and try to avoid live wallpapers if you can.
  • Set your screen time out to the minimum.
  • If you are not using data network, Keep it off.

So this way you will be able to save your battery. If you follow the above suggestions, your Smart Phone will lasts unto 3 days on moderate use. And for heavy user it should last for about day and half.hope it'll help a bit if not drastically.

If a battery is charged 100% and if we still plugging the adapter with the power outlet will that have any bad effect to the battery? Read more: How To Extend Life Of Battery.


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December 10, 2011 at 1:35 PM delete

dark background is actually a bad idea because LCD screens need to apply charge to each pixel to make it dark and thus using more energy compared to light or white background.