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Why Is BlackBerry So Special | BlackBerry Can Change Your Lifestyle

There has been a lot of talk in the last few years about smartphones like the BlackBerry (which you are probably carrying), and how they can change the way you work,  communicate with others, and the way you are entertained. We’re sure that you have an idea of what the BlackBerry smartphone is (it’s quite okay if you don’t) and we hope you aren’t eating it.

How the BlackBerry can change your lifestyle,  Was it BlackBerry Messenger, the always connected e-mail, the multimedia player to replace your iPod or iPhone, or a really good app that you saw on your friend’s BlackBerry? We know; the list could go on and on — and we might never hit the exact reason you got yours. For whatever reason you bought your BlackBerry, congratulations; you made an intelligent choice.

The same smarts that made you buy your BlackBerry are clearly at it and there’s more to your BlackBerry than meets the eye. Your BlackBerry can help you do more than you thought.

For example, your BlackBerry is a whiz at making phone calls and checking e-mails, but it’s also a social networking do-it-all smartphone that can update your Facebook account and instant-message with your business partner on another continent.

Oh yeah, you can also surf the Web at amazing speed. We’re talking World Wide Web here, so the sky’s the limit. Help is always at your fingertips instead of sitting on your desk at home or at the office. Here are some things that your BlackBerry can help you with:

  • Need to check out the reviews of that restaurant on the corner?
  • Need to know — right now — what’s showing in your local movie theaters, or what the weather will be like tonight, or what’s the best place to shop the sales?
  • Need to know your current location and get directions to that cozy bed and-breakfast, or retrieve news headlines, or check stock quotes?
  • Want to do some online chatting or view some pictures online?
  • Hankering to network with your old classmates?

You can do all these things (and more) by using your BlackBerry smartphone. BlackBerry is also a full-fledged personal digital assistant (PDA). Out of the box, it provides you with the organizational tools you need to set up to-do lists, manage your appointments, take care of your address books, and more.

Being armed with a device that’s a phone, an Internet connection, a PDA, a GPS (built-in with most BlackBerry models), and a full-on media player all built into one makes you a powerful person. With your BlackBerry (along with this resourceful book), you really can increase your productivity and become better organized. Watch out, world! BlackBerry-wielding powerhouse coming through!


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