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Auto Complete Addresses In Outlook | How To Use

Outlook is the lazy person’s dream for addressing messages. Of course, the address itself is simple: username@domain.extension (such as “haja @ someisp . com”). Once you have entered names in the Contacts workspace, however, you can address your messages with almost no typing. Auto Complete Addresses come into play as soon as you start typing the first character of the person to whom you going to send the mail.

Note: Auto Complete Addresses is not the only way you can enter the address in the address box. It is one of the easiest way.

Complete Addresses Automatically:

Outlook runs AutoComplete by default. As soon as you type the first letter of an address, Outlook begins searching for matches among names and addresses you’ve typed in the past.

Auto Complete Addresses In Outlook  How To Use 1. Begin typing a name or address in the To field in the Message window. The closest names to what you have typed will be displayed in the Name list.

2. If the name you want appears in the list, click it, or press DOWN ARROW (if necessary) until the name is highlighted, and then click it or press ENTER to accept the address. The name displays, a semicolon follows it, and the cursor blinks where the next name would appear.

3. If you wish to add another recipient, begin typing another name, and repeat the process as needed.

4. Press TAB to go to the next desired field.

You can turn off AutoComplete if you wish: Click the File tab, click Options, and click Mail in the left pane. Under Send Messages, clear the Use Auto-Complete List To Suggest Names When Typing In The To, Cc, And Bcc Lines check box. Click OK to close.


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