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Browser And Navigation Update For Symbian 3.2 and 5.0 | Nokia N97 Still Has No Upgrade

Nowadays taking care of its latest Smartphone's is mandatory for every manufacturer with any kind of long term ambitions. However releasing an update for three-year old Smartphone's, ranging from entry level phones to former high-enders, and showing their owners that they aren't forgotten should certainly earn Nokia some bonus points.

One of the best feature included with this update is the swipe to unlock the phone and date and time on standby screen.

The Finnish company just announced through their blog that they will be releasing an update for their Symbian 3.2 and 5.0 platforms. There's a whole bunch of handsets running those - check out the lengthy list:

  • Nokia E72
  • Nokia E52
  • Nokia E5
  • Nokia C5-00
  • Nokia 6700 slide
  • Nokia C6-00
  • Nokia C5-03
  • Nokia 5230
  • Nokia 5235
  • Nokia 5250
  • Nokia X6
  • Nokia N97 mini
  • Nokia 5800 XpressMusic
  • Nokia 5530 XpressMusic
  • Nokia 5530 XpressMusic

This Update Is Not Supported For Nokia V3.1 And For 600MHZ CPU. Nokia E71 runs on Symbian 60 v3.1 and not 3.2 also, the five Symbian s60 v3.2 phones as listed below have one thing in common, 600 MHz CPU, so I guess the rest of them may get the update. I wonder if non-600 MHz 3.2 phones will receive this update.

  • Nokia 6710 Navigator
  • Nokia 6720 classic
  • Nokia 5630 XpressMusic
  • Nokia E55
  • Nokia X5-01

The update will bring the new Nokia browser v7.3 to the aging phones, which should significantly improve their browsing experience. This is the same browser that owners of newer Symbian phones will get when the Anna update is released. The benefits of the new browser include improved performance, support for International Domain Names (IDNs) and also supports non-ASCII letters such as Arabic or Chinese.

The other major feature of the firmware update is the updated Ovi Maps app. The software offering free voice-guided navigation will go to version Ovi Maps 3 SR4 on Symbian 3.2 devices, bringing indoor positioning through WiFi, as well as travel and recommendation services such as those through Lonely Planet. Those with Symbian 5.0 devices will get Ovi Maps 3 SR6, adding public transport lines and check-in services to social networking sites.

The final good bit about this update is the addition of a set of emoticons to the listed devices, which can be used when sending MMS.

As you can see Nokia has tried to cover all the popular models, you’ll find that the original N97 is missing, but hey, they’re probably trying very hard to forget it even exists.

Browser And Navigation Update For Symbian 3.2 and 5.0  Nokia N97 Still Has No Upgrade

What's important is the most cheap 5230 will have the update and N97 Mini, X6 but not the most expensive N97. Of course the most expensive of all those will not. So many users using N97 has reported that they are desperate for a good browser so that they can uninstall opera or other installed third party browser to save some ram.

Nokia N97 is used to be Nokia's most expensive s60v5 phone. And it has the same CPU and RAM with n97 mini, 5800, 5530, c6, x6, etc. Why it doesn't receive the update.

The N97 has the same CPU and RAM with Nokia C6, 5800, 5530, X6 and 5230.
You hate your flagship phone huh? It's even released after 5800 with more expensive price.

So why did 5800 got the update while n97 not?

Nokia C6-00 and Nokia 5230 are already eligible for the update, while the rest of the Smartphone's will get it in the next few weeks. So make sure you have the software update auto check switched on in your phone.

Now with this update the above said Nokia Phone Users can have a much better browsing experience, upgraded OVI Maps, and emoticons in messaging. This is just another reason why Nokia has lots of fans.

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