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Disadvantages Of Windows Phone | The Features That Windows Phone Is Missing

This feature for WP7 is not just good, but great. However, I'm quite worried that some sort of techie stuffs like this one won't matter to a when people don't even care to know the specifications of a handset. They just want an easy-to-use cellular phone. That is why iPhone is very popular among consumers nowadays.

Windows Phone 7 is already better than most Mobile Operating System comparing the stage of development.

But in the past there were few restrictions according to the users, and we have no idea if those restriction's have been removed in Windows Phone 7.

Disadvantages Of Windows Phone  The Features That Windows Phone Is Missing

If you are going to buy a mobile with Windows 7, then you need to check the following…

  • See if you have the system-wide file manager
  • Does Windows Phone 7 support USB mass storage mode. USB mass storage mode will be available if you make a one time very small registry tweak on Zune through the PC.
  • Is there any possibility in Windows Phone 7 for installing third-party apps or support to third party application availability
  • Does Windows Phone 7 has Flash or Silverlight support in the browser. We know,  Flash support is possible in the Dolphin browser as well is separate YouTube tile.
  • Does it have video calls
  • New ringtones available. In the past, for Windows Phone this is possible only through Windows  Marketplace
  • Does the Music player on Windows Phone 7 has or supports equalizer presets. If you are using HTC, you can have choice between equalizer, Dolby Mobile or SRS WOW Enhancement in phone with HTC Sound Enhancer (only on HTC WP7 phones)
  • Does Windows Phone 7 support multitasking
  • Is  it possible to use copy and paste options in Windows Phone 7
  • DivX/XviD video support (Actually, automatic transcoding provided by Zune software). This is possible only if Windows Phone supports mass storage transfer.
  • Free Bing maps Navigation
  • Internet tethering support. You can have Internet tethering support through HTC Hub (only on HTC WP7 phones)

Everything goes through Zune for Windows Phone 7 means that you can't use it as flash drive, you can't exactly modify the User Interface (UI). Nevertheless, for someone that looks hard for smooth and fast web browsing experience on phones, this is a great news.

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