Thursday, June 2, 2011


Does The Command Prompt In Windows Uses DOS Function

Why is this largely DOS oriented file naming convention still in place even in Windows 7. Why not go the UNIX route and avoid tree-corruption in Windows based system by copying of a file with an invalid name.

Well, i f your doubt is what stated above, then you are wrong. Its not the right or  proper terminology. 

First of all, there is no DOS in NT derived versions of Windows.   Nor is it likely that there will ever be a "next version of DOS," at least not from Microsoft.

The Windows command prompt and batch scripting language may resemble DOS but there is no actual DOS code or DOS function calls involved.

When Microsoft enabled long file names in Windows 95 it was done in such a way as to allow backward compatibility with the existing FAT based file system and, to a certain extent, command line syntax.

I would suggest that if you want to use long file names, you need to put them in quotes at the DOS prompt. i.e.- copy “C:\my long filename.txt” C:\filename.txt

Quotes are needed as the command processor would not otherwise be able to tell if a space is part of the file name or a a break preceding (or possibly following) a command line parameter.

It is possible that a future file system could eliminate the underlying 8.3 name and change the command line to assume all characters are part of a file name until a specific delimiter is found, but it seems unlikely.


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