Saturday, June 4, 2011


Does Online Antivirus Scanner Necessary

Does Online Antivirus Scanners Are Trustable? This might be the most common quest for most of us. Obviously for me too, is it really necessary to use a free online scanner.

Online scanners are not necessarily safe. And the point is, Malware bytes, Super Antispyware, and Ad-Aware are not Anti-Virus applications, nor are their signatures as well developed as most recognized Anti Viruses.

As long as you trust your primary Anti Virus Software (either Norton, MacAfee Or Microsoft Security Essentials) to find every other additional infection that might get on your system (which no single Anti-Virus can do 100% of the time) then it's up to you. 

Otherwise, I'd suggest the occasional use of an online scanner from a publisher other than Symantec, since it shouldn't interfere with your installed Norton security like a secondary real-time AV would, and you'll occasionally have a second or even a third opinion.

Its not a good idea to use the secondary Anti Virus program real time.

There are 7 ways to identify if your computer is infected with malicious software. Read more:


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