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First Windows Phone Device From Nokia | Advantages And Disadvantages

And here it comes - Nokia's first Window Phone device codenamed Sea Ray (possibly the W8-00): The device is very similar to the recently announced Nokia N9, but has a dedicated hardware camera key, different LED placement and, of course, it is running on Windows Phone 7 with the Mango update.

Finally, Nokia has at least one sweet-looking Windows Phone 7 smartphone in the pipeline. We'll have to wait more for the official announcement and see if there will be another device to join it.

Here is a short extract from the original video. And the original full length video is available in the end of this article for your reference.

We are not sure if this is the only one Windows Phone device from Nokia. Roomers are there that they be around 3 or 4 WP7 Nokia Phones, it seems they will do the same as S40/S60 series, some cheaper some expensive.

Even they are already working on a dual core version and it’s a welcome one for Nokia. Let's see what's going on on near future but for now this look brilliant. By the way, Microsoft is already working on Windows Phone 8, so, maybe we will see new things to come.

Windows Phone 7 is the best thing ever. So fluid, so fast, so intuitive. The only reason you will hate Windows Phone 7 is when you really hate Microsoft. What ever, this product is great.

If you have XBOX, Zune, Windows 7 PC and others you will never be bored of Windows Phone 7 OS . In fact the new apps that are released for Windows Phone 7 devices and are cool, even the bingo maps are working great with 3d perspectives.

Windows Phone 7 OS for Nokia Is smooth, quick, easy to use with full flash support and you will have a great internet experience on Windows Phone 7. And added more, the Flash and multimedia browser is incredible, the integration with internet perfect and many many more...Even the restrictions aren't making this OS look bad. Follow this link to know The Features That Windows Phone Is Missing.

One can prefer Nokia Windows Phone over Meego for too many reasons, but the main is the support and apps (Applications). That's the kind of things that makes Android and iOS a great systems.

Maybe there's people that like more open source software, but Microsoft has great efforts on bring a good experience on this Windows Phone OS.

If you are using Internet Explorer 9 For Windows Phone, you would not even ask for another browser. Even without the Mango update IE is far superior to both Android Browser and Safari. Check this link to know why Mangoes Are Good For Mobile Web Browsers.

Having windows mobile will be a great benefit in terms of synchronization and other stuff to your Widows operated system. Remember, only if you are using Windows Operating System for your Personal Computer, this will be a added advantage, otherwise not that much.

If you want to use your phone properly, there is no way around but uploading all your contacts to your Hotmail account! This, for sure, makes it less likely that the WP7 platform will become attractive for business users since this is a security risk.

What matter is that we got to see first Nokia WP7 handset a few months ahead of its official announcement. Were you can even play the Xbox 360 games as it has the Xbox live features and all that other xbox stuff. Could even beat xperiaplay.

Good motivational speech from Elop. The above is the complete video for your reference.

The combination of two market leaders (Nokia & Windows) will benefit the two companies to formulate the best UI (User Interface) and software's that we need. On the whole, Nokia has now made every one hard to decide between Meego or window phone 7. Their both phone looks hot, and the OS is all amazing.

I only hope the Nokia Windows Phone are affordable, other wise Android powered Samsung, LG, Motorola or HTC, will always look more attractive.

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