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Fix Echo Sound On Windows 7 Using Sound Blaster X-Fi

Problems may occur on Windows 7 64 bit having Sound Blaster X-Fi Installed. Actually, everything will go fine until you mess up with your system by updating your Creative for this sound card and Windows 7 64Bit.

Creative for this sound card and Windows 7 64Bit will be installed successfully but you will  get a staticy echo sound to everything. How to fix this issue?


To Fix this issue, your system should be running with less than 4 GB of RAM. Well, if you are using more than 4 GB of RAM, just pull some memory out to get below 4 gig and sound problems and all video playback issues will go.  Kind of defeats the purpose of going with 64 bit though.

The problem is not with the RAM, but some thing wrong with the design of the Operating System.

If you are not interested to remove the RAM physically, then try this work around. But, I claim NO responsibility if you mess this up but you can use this as a temporary work around until it is resolved by creative labs without removing memory physically.

  • Run MSCONFIG under start menu search or using run prompt.
  • Select the Boot Tab
  • Select Advanced Options
  • Under Max Memory Select 3990 (or any value under 4 GB is fine IE anything less than 1024 * 4)

This will reduce the amount of memory that the PC uses which will allow you to hear the audio.

Other Possible Solution:

Installing driver 2.14.0025 (2.14.0001 on some sites) corrected the problem. This driver does not appear to be available from Creative. It installs driver

I found this information at

Microsoft has provided a site to check known compatibility issues with certain hardware and software. I had the SB0460 (Sound Blaster X-Fi ExtremeMusic) card as well. The compatibility site shows that it is not compatible with Windows 7 in either 32-Bit or 64-Bit.


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