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Fix SearchIndexer.exe Consuming More System Memory | Search Indexer Consumes 15-20% CPU After Indexing Complete

The following article will help you solve the problem when the Search Indexer In your windows build machine consumes more System memory than normal. In some abnormal situation, searchindexer.exe can also run at 50% CPU usage even when you are not using the machine and around 15% when you are using your Windows.

This could be a big problem when you are having more files in your system that the searchindexer.exe will take more and more of your CPU resources just to find and index all those files and your outlook mails.

Rebuilding the Search Index wont fix this issue as there is nothing to do with the indexing itself.

One solution that I can suggest if you are using Windows 7 is:

  • Try to use resource monitor.  Type resmon to start menu search box and press enter key.

Fix SearchIndexer.exe Consuming More System Memory  Search Indexer Consumes 15-20% CPU After Indexing Complete

  • Resource monitor can give you information what searchindexer.exe is doing on disk.
  • Go to disk tab and here select check box in searchprotocolhost.exe (check all instances if you have more than one).
  • In  DiskActivity window you find information regarding concreate file which is currently processed by indexing service.
  • Start indexing options. Type index to search box and press enter key.
  • Select modify button
  • Here you can exclude directory you find in resmon in disk tab.

If you have a DELL system and if you have problem with Dell Universal Connection Manager (Dell.UCM.exe). This process is permanently writing the data to log files stored in directory C:\Users\Public\Dell\UCM.

Try to excluded C:\Users\Public\Dell dir from indexing process and in most case the problem with your DELL Machine using searchindexer.exe will be solved.

Possible solution to fix searchindexer.exe that is not recommended. visit Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features\Windows Features and disable Indexing Service that was available in previous versions of Windows.

After that, I also would like to suggest you troubleshoot Search and Indexing under Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Troubleshooting\System and Security.

After that, you may rebuild index in Clean Boot until it completes.


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