Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Get Back The Quick Launch Toolbar In Windows 7

Have you ever wondered where your My Quick Launch Toolbar Is Gone in Windows 7? Actually, many people don’t know what it was called, but the Quick Launch toolbar — that handy little strip of icons resting near the Start button — served as a single click launching pad for favorite programs in both Windows XP and Vista.

Windows 7 strips the Quick Launch toolbar from its new, revamped taskbar. In the toolbar’s place, the taskbar now shows three icons next to your Start button: Internet Explorer, Libraries, and Media Player. Don’t like those icons? Right-click any offender and choose Unpin This Program from Taskbar from the pop-up menu.

Get Back The Quick Launch Toolbar In Windows 7

You can also treat that portion of your taskbar as a makeshift Quick Launch toolbar by adding your own icons there. Follow these steps to copy icons from your Start menu to the taskbar:

1. Click the Start menu and locate your cherished program.

2. Right-click the program’s icon and choose Pin to Taskbar.

Feel free to rearrange icons on the taskbar by dragging them with the mouse to the right or left. By pinning your favorite program’s icons to the taskbar’s left side, you can keep them separate from the taskbar’s icons of running programs, which stay on the right side.


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