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How To Capture Screen Shot Of Games In Windows 7

When we are using Windows XP, we used to capture the favorite movements on my game and other application and used to share it with our friends. But once we upgraded to Windows 7, we wont be able to get the screen shot of our favorite games.

Windows 7 takes over the Print Screen key (labeled PRTSC or PRTSCN on some keyboards). Instead of sending the stuff on the Screen to the printer, the Print screen key sends it to Windows 7’s memory, where you can paste it into other windows. Also read the following article to know the Functions Of Print Screen In Windows. In this article lets see how to get the screen shot work on your favorite gaming application.

If you are using a wireless keyboard I would suggest you to check on the F LOCK (function lock) key on your keyboard. Check on the top right of your Keyboard for the F Lock Key, which may be stopping you from using the print screen key. The F LOCK key toggles the alternate function keys. An alternate function key is a key that has two possible commands depending on the F LOCK toggle key state.

If you are using a Laptop, Print key function may vary for different brands and model, please check the color code on the Print Screen key (you need to use the function key if the print screen key is marked in the color of the function key) and work accordingly.

Try to use the ALT Key + Print Screen Key to capture the Current Screen. And if you are using a laptop of if your print key works only in support to a function key, then use BOTH (Fn+Alt) You will have Active window capture.

Check the below Microsoft article for details:

Also try and check if the status light on the keyboard for the F LOCK key. Refer to the below article for help on status light identification:

To add on, I would suggest you to try the snipping tool in Windows7. It can help you take the screen shots easily. You can check the snipping tool functionality with the help of these articles:

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