Monday, June 27, 2011


How To Clear The Temporary Files And Cache On A BlackBerry

BlackBerry is famous for its security speed and really a smartest smart phone. However when you are a regular internet visitor and when you are using the maximum of your smart phone, chances are there for its performance may diminish.

Say for example, have you ever experienced hang or lag when opening applications or browsing the Internet? Generally, this condition has to do with lack of memory and the number of temporary files located in your browser menu. so that the process of surfing the internet so smoothly, it helps clean up the files ‘bully’ them.

In addition, you also can be at once clear ‘Cache’ and the history of the site addresses that were never opened. Steps are also able to prevent if there are sites that have been opened do not want others to see.

Here are the steps:

  • 1. Open the browser menu
  • 2. Once entered into the browser, click the menu button and select ‘Options’.
  • 3. Click ‘Cache Operations’
  • 4. Press the selection button on each item you want cleaned. Starting from the `Clear History ‘, Pushed Content and Cookies` cache’.
  • 5. Once completed, all indicators will show zero.

And now, your BlackBerry you’re ready to surf online.  And thus you can now surf in cyberspace with a comfortable again.


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