Monday, June 27, 2011


How To Protect Your Files On BlackBerry

Blackberry is the most secured Mobile device as of date. When you are using Blackberry, your data, most importantly your official data will remain more secured.

This is because, for some people, the BlackBerry is the ideal data carrier. Starting from emails, songs, photos, videos and other files. But do not be hasty storing important company files, email, secret, until a personal photo or video because all the data can be transferred to other devices quickly without being noticed.

To avoid data loss and things that are not desirable, you’ll want to implement file protection for your BlackBerry phone. No need to install any application, because the protection feature is already there and prepared for user convenience.

Want to apply these simple tricks? Please follow these steps:

1. Go to the Media menu
2. Click the icon bearing the Blackberry, then select “Explore”
3. Next specify the storage space the file you want protected. Can the media card or device memory.
4. Select the file you want protected.
5. Click the logo icon blackberries, and then select Properties
6. On the next screen, check the box ‘Hidden’> Close.
7. Perform the same steps for other files.

Please note that, the secured files will not be visible in the media. But your files will be available on your device and now in a more secured way.


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