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How To Reset Blackberry Handset | Avoid Soft Reset

BlackBerry is a line of mobile e-mail and smartphone devices developed and designed by Canadian company Research In Motion (RIM) since 1999.

BlackBerry phones function as a personal digital assistant and portable media player. They are primarily known for their ability to send and receive (push) Internet e-mail wherever mobile network service coverage is present, or through Wi-Fi connectivity. They support a large array of instant messaging features, including BlackBerry Messenger.

You don’t want to configure your Blackberry very often just like how we need to do to other smart phones every time we change the network. However, for some reasons we need to reset the BlackBerry.

Many BlackBerry users already know that the best way to do a reset on the BlackBerry is to unplug the battery. There is also another way to reset the Blackberry that is by doing a soft reset. Soft reset can be done using third party application or by pressing three keys on the Blackberry, the ALT, SHIFT and DEL right. Soft reset is preferred because Blackberry users do not need to remove the battery, especially if the device wrapped in a casing. For users of Storm and Pearl reset can only be done by using a hard reset.

How To Reset Blackberry Handset  Avoid Soft Reset

Why Not Soft Reset:

Soft reset is not really a good way to reset or restart the Blackberry. Soft here means the device is reset by using the Software. While the hard reset, which is done by pulling the battery, meaning the device is reset by the way broken hardware connections. This is similar to a Windows PC. On Windows, to do a soft reset can be done by pressing the CTRL, ALT and DEL simultaneously. As for hard reset can be done by doing a shut down or pressing the reset button, or on a laptop can press the power button a little longer.

So which one is better? That’s up to us. If indeed we are lazy to unplug the battery, please do a soft reset. But if you soft reset does not work in terms of reducing memory, trying to do a hard reset


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