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iPad Now Got A Rival | Introducing HP Slate

tThere’s now a growing speculation after the new official video about the new HP slate device. So, we now can speculate, discuss and talk about the things we like and we don't like about the device.

The HP Slate is a multi-touch capable Windows 7 slate PC that was launched on 22 October 2010.

The HP Slate began as an e-reader concept, but after further study of the uses for such devices, HP realigned their goal to deliver a product that provided a "rich user experience; to browse, listen to music, watch videos and enjoy media". Now, Use your fingers to browse documents, spreadsheets, applications and more on the HP Slate 500’s multi-touch display.

Prefer a pen? No problem. Use the HP Slate Digital Pen to handwrite emails or notes on the display with ease.

iPad Now Got A Rival | Introducing HP Slate

For the techies, here's a short list of ways to justify whether to take up or avoid the HP slate, perhaps instead of an iPad.

  • In the latest video, brief glimpses of the HP slate's user interface show big app icons and a sidebar for contextual menus. That's a good prerequisite for any tablet that wants to redefine personal computing. Not that there's anything wrong with straight-up Windows 7, but it's best enjoyed with a mouse and keyboard.
  • The five hours of battery life for HP's slate is a major letdown. One cannot leave a device out all day when its battery won't last past lunch. For a device that thrives on being at arm's reach all the time, that's a big problem.

iPad Now Got A Rival  Introducing HP Slate

  • Apple's basic, $500 iPad is at a lower price than HP's slate, but only for a 16 GB model that HP does not offer. The balance is in HP's favor for 32 GB ($550) and 64 GB ($600) versions, compared with $600 and $700 for 32 GB and 64 GB iPads, respectively. Then there's the ability to add more storage via SD card, a big disadvantage on the iPad.
  • Its a nice feature to have a front-facing camera, which is probably most laptops include on these days. Tablets, which make great coffee table mates, are especially conducive to video chats. The iPad doesn't have one.
  • Adobe's Flash on HP's slate is subject to change as Apple looks to encourage HTML 5 as the preferred web video platform.
  • Plug into a Desktop Experience. Easily connect accessories like a keyboard, mouse and printer with the HP Slate 500’s built-in USB 2.0 port.
  • Charge your HP Slate 500 in the HP Slate Dock and gain even more ways to connect accessories.
  • Cut the cords and stay productive. Connect wirelessly to Bluetooth devices such as printers, mice and headsets.


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