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MacAfee Forces The File To Be Hidden | How To Fix

I noticed that if I changed a files properties and saved it, the file would become hidden by default. [MacAfee Changing File Properties Forces The File To Be Hidden | How To Fix]

For example, if you had a photo that was upside down, if you simply turned it clockwise, it would instantly become hidden (have the hidden box ticked). If I right clicked on a music file, and changed one of the properties such as artist, as soon as I clicked apply, it would again be saved with the hidden box ticked. Of course I could simply un tick the hidden box, but this was becoming quite time consuming, and a little annoying.

I initially thought the files were being removed from my hard drive, but by changing folder options to show hidden files, I could see that they were just becoming hidden when edited.

I am using Windows 7 OS, and I have been using McAfee Total Protection 2009. When I initially tried to install McAfee, Windows highlighted that there were known compatibility issues with the program and wouldn't allow me to install it. However, by running it in compatibility mode as if it was running on XP, I was able to install McAfee without any issues and run it fine on Windows 7.

I thought it was a virus, however nothing was highlighted by any of the virus / malware programs I ran.

I tried a clean boot running only Microsoft basic services, but it still continued to do it.

So I did a clean install, I formatted my hard drive, and re-installed windows 7. I added my programs one by one and kept turning an image file to see if it disappeared. After Installing McAfee it was okay still, however as soon as MacAfee updated to a current version the problem again appeared. I removed MacAfee and it stopped.

However removing McAfee is not the solution, still I wish McAfee should come with a  solution to fix this solution. Right now, you can try the free Antivirus or other Internet Security as you wish, but make sure that is compatible with Windows 7.

I can only surmise that by running McAfee 2009 in compatibility mode in Windows 7, that one of the recent updates is causing a conflict which is causing files to alter to hidden when edited. I have since started using another internet security suite, and the issue has gone.

Microsoft Security Essentials is the name of Microsoft’s latest Anti-Virus/Anti-Spyware software for Windows operating system. It is already being tested internally at Microsoft and was launch in September last year.  Read more: Microsoft Security Essentials


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