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Manually Arranging Files And Pictures In A Folder In Windows 7

Many of us have dragged the files and pictures in Windows XP PC so that it apper in the order we keep it. But when this particular option is no longer available in Windows 7 according to Microsoft. Moving pictures and files around and within a folder is not possible in Windows 7.

Even when you try to drag and drop picture files within a folder to improve the order as we did with Windows XP, the files will return back to their original location within the folder.

Most of us absolutely must have the drag and drop feature within folders to function in a professional capacity.

if you are a photographer you need to drag images into the order that you need them to appear in slide shows and other related applications.

With that feature disabled we will be forced to rename each picture in the order we want to resort them and then use the default Microsoft sort function.  Far more time consuming and labor intensive than dragging and dropping images into the order we desire.

I appreciate that Microsoft think the new sort and search functions are more advanced and intuitive but some of us have developed a professional workflow that relies on capabilities you've now determined are unnecessary.  Every ones frustration is intense. 

I just spent three days moving from my old computer to a new unit running Windows 7 64 bit in order to improve the functionality of my Adobe software only to find out that one of the most personally useful features in Windows has been disabled. - Brandi Burkett, Professional Photographer.


As explained before, there is no solution for this issue, as it is my design of Windows 7. However, If you are referring to the Arrange by date, size, etc then you can still do that by simply Right clicking and selecting Sort by option in the drop down menu when inside the picture or file.

This is what Microsoft support person has to say about this issue: You cannot manually rearrange the files/pictures by dragging within the folder in Windows 7. This change is by design in Windows 7. You can only uncheck the option to auto arrange icons on the desktop and can use it only on the desktop.

If you have any concerns or feedback with respect the issue or any other Microsoft application, please visit the links below and post the same:
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