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Nokia N9 Vs Nokia N950

The Nokia N9, the consumer-oriented MeeGo phone, got plenty of attention but all the N950 got was a text file detailing the differences between it and the N9. Sill, we know many MeeGo enthusiasts will prefer to get their hands on the developer-exclusive N950 than the touch screen-only N9.

The long awaited MeeGo (The Nokia N9)  device turns has a brother - the Nokia N950 is a developer's platform running MeeGo and packs a QWERTY keyboard along with similar specs to that of the N9.

The Nokia N950 was rumored to be the official MeeGo handset for this year. The N950 has an aluminum body, which is always a plus and the slide-out QWERTY keyboard will draw the eye of heavy texters. The screen is a 4" TFT unit with FWVGA resolution (rather than 3.9" FWVGA AMOLED).

When Nokia announced the N950 MeeGo dev kit, they did it without any fanfare - without photos even. Now that injustice has been fixed and the aluminum-clad device is available to gawk at in a gallery of leaked official images.

Nokia N9 Vs Nokia N950

The images don't seem to be finalized (one of them actually has a label saying "This will be replaced with flash thingy") and we only get a glimpse of the QWERTY keyboard.

The 8MP camera on the Nokia N950 has "very similar image quality" to the Carl Zeiss branded camera on the N9 but the camera units are different. The front facing camera is in a different location but the same module is used for both Nokia N9 and Nokia N950.

Other differences include the lack of NFC module in the N950 and its digital compass isn't as accurate and the battery is slightly smaller (1320mAh vs. 1450mAh).

Nokia didn’t specify a release date or price for the N950 model. Still, MeeGo enthusiasts should be ecstatic about this - two MeeGo devices (Nokia N9 and Nokia N950) even though Nokia promised only one.

Nokia N9 Vs Nokia N950 3

Indeed Nokia tried to introduce N-gage, but they dropped almost immediately N-gage platform mobiles. Then they made it just a feature in N class devices which you agree were the most expensive and not many would buy phone just to play with it, as it happens now with iPhone and android devices.

For the N9, regardless how cool it may look or how powerful it may be. The reason is simple: MicroSIM! As for now, many provider doesn't offer MicroSIM cards, therefore, this phone would be of no use on many network. I truly think that integrating MicroSIM is still a bit too early since many big carriers still don't offer them.

One can find that on YouTube. It has video of how to convert sim to MicroSim for iPad, that two uses microsim. Read more:

Even if you not a Nokia fan, you have to admit that this is one nice looking phone. Look forward to see such design being implemented with Windows Phone 7 from Nokia.

The software on the Nokia N950 isn't finalized as on date and won't get an Over-the-Air update (but developers can flash it manually). Still, MeeGo is a very flexible platform and we're guessing it won't be long until someone ports the software from the N9 to the N950.

Developer-only probably means it is in very limited supply, and you have to register on some site and start to develop applications, or something like that in order to get it. but how i do not know.

This Development handset has scratching few heads. Is it being released to encourage the Average Joes to start programming? Or is it simply what Nokia make it out to be, a joint consumer, testing device? Or is this simply a phone that is in development and even Nokia don't know what the finished product will be?

Nokia N9 Vs Nokia N950 1

Also there are no photos of the back of the Nokia N950. We were hearing some rumors that the N950 actually packs a 12MP camera (plus there's this image from the leaked promo video from a while back) but we didn’t get anything solid to confirm this - so we were hoping a view of the back will finally settle this dispute.

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