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Quick Way To Adjust Your Laptop Settings | Windows Mobility Center

Windows 7 offers a quick way for laptop owners to see the things that most affect their little PC’s on-the-go lifestyle. Called the Mobility Center, it’s a one-stop shop for tweaking your laptop’s main settings. To open the Mobility Center, follow these steps:

1. Click Start and choose Control Panel.

2. Hold down the Windows key and press the X key. Windows Mobility Center, shown in screen shot below, rises to the screen.

3. Make your adjustments. Watch the screen below, Mobility Center lets you make quick adjustments to your laptop’s main settings, as described in the following list. Don’t worry that something’s wrong if your laptop’s options differ slightly from these, because Microsoft customizes the options to match your particular laptop’s features.

Quick Way To Adjust Your Laptop Settings  Windows Mobility Center

  • Volume: Tired of your laptop’s annoying audio blast every time you turn it on? Slide down the volume level here in Mobility Center. Or select the Mute check box to turn it off completely, saving batteries and letting you turn it on only when needed.
  • Battery Status: Choose Power Saver when long battery life is essential (you’ll work at a snail’s pace), and  switch to High Performance only when you’re plugged in and need maximum speed for hoggy programs. For the best of both worlds, leave the setting at Balanced.
  • Wireless Network: If your laptop offers it, here’s an easy-to-find On/Off switch for your laptop’s wireless network adapter, whether built-in or plugged in through a USB port.
  • Brightness: (Not shown in the screen shot above related to Mobility Center.) If your laptop model offers it, a simple sliding control lets you dim your laptop in low-light situations (or simply to save battery power) or increase the brightness when working outdoors using Mobility Center.
  • External Display: Ever plug your laptop into a larger monitor or projector for giving presentations? Head here in Mobility Center to set it up.
  • Sync Center: Windows 7 lets you keep your laptop or Windows 7 PC in synchronization with a network server found in some offices. This switch brings you to the Sync Center, where you can set up a partnership with sync-compatible places and click the Sync All button for them to exchange information.
  • Screen Rotation: (Not shown in the screen shot.)  Found on some tablet PCs and netbooks, this feature lets you rotate the screen for easier viewing on an odd-sized display.
  • Presentation Settings: This option lets you control what appears on the projector when you hook up your laptop. With the click of one button, you can turn your desktop’s wallpaper into something business-safe, turn off your screen saver, adjust the PC’s volume, and squelch any other distractions.

Although some buttons in Mobility Center take you to yet more areas full of settings, the Mobility Center works well as a launching pad. Mobility Center is your first stop to customize your laptop to match its latest surroundings.


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