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Seven Ways To Speed Up Windows 7

Within a very short time of its launch, the Windows 7 operating system has established its safe position in the mind of millions of people in a smart way.

Its high quality configuration and usability are the reasons behind its huge popularity; if you are currently using Windows 7 Operating system then you know the other reasons behind it.

While using the OS, have you ever faced any problem regarding its speed? Do you want to gear up the speed of your work? Don’t worry! Here in this article we will give you some valuable tips, which will help you to get rid of the Windows 7 problems in easiest of manner.

  • Minimum System Configuration Is Mandatory: Don’t take it light, Microsoft recommends the minimum configuration that is needed to run a Windows 7 Operating System. First check the configuration of your PC or Laptop. Properly verify whether your system’s configurations meet the minimum criteria of running Windows 7 or not.

If you don’t have the required configuration, in no way your Windows 7 PC is going to be fast. It can be initially, but once you started installing your necessary software, the performance will go down. So, first you need to enhance your Hardware Configuration in order to run Windows 7 properly.

  • Update Your Drivers When Ever Its Available: If you upgrade your hardware, try to update your drivers. If you don’t, then you will definitely see a number of magical changes in operating the Windows 7. As it is the most recent operating system available in the market, Windows 7 requires supports of latest software and hardware.
  • Do You Really Need Aero: If a less spiffy interface is OK with you then stop using Aero in your Windows 7. You know well that Aero is a wonderful interface that comes with Windows 7. This effect is very attractive, eye-candy and gives lots of special-effects, but it consumes lots of RAM. If you have a large quantity of RAM then it’s ok, but if you don’t have then you are advised to remove this effect you’re your Windows 7.
  • Clean Temporary Files: You are suggested to clean all your temporary files on a regular basis. Everyday at least once go to “msconfig” and remove all your unnecessary programs from taskbar. This will enhance the operating speed of Windows 7.
  • Check For Registry Errors: Properly see whether your system has registry problem or not, if you found any kind of registry problem then first resolve it, otherwise the OS problem will not be resolved.
  • Remove Software's That No Longer Needed: Uninstall all the programs and software that you do not need. For example, to do some thing you might have installed some demo version of software. And once the work is done, try to remove it from your Windows 7 PC. Through this way you will be able to free up hard-disk space, which will help you to run Windows 7 properly.
  • Install Only Trusted And Required Software's: This is most important, may be you want to experiment with lots of software. And may be you love downloading and installing new stuffs. But remember, installing lots of software will actually slow down your Windows 7 performance. So, the best way is not to install lots of software in your computer that will not help you in future works.

If you follow the aforementioned processes then you will not face any kind of problem while working in Windows 7 platform.


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