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Skills Required For Windows 7 Certification 70-680

Microsoft awards various professional certifications upon passing one or more exams. One of the exams is the Windows 7 Certification exam which is for the candidates who operate in computing environments which use Microsoft windows & as a desktop operating system.

Candidates gearing up for the Windows 7 Certification should have at least one year experience in the IT field. They should be equipped with the necessary knowledge to install, deploy and upgrade to windows 7 and simultaneously making sure that there is complete compatibility in hardware and software.

There are various skills that are measured in the following technical tasks:

  • 70-680  - Installing, Upgrading and Migrating to windows 7 (14 Percent): It evaluates the candidate's ability to perform a clean installation and upgrading to windows 7 from previous versions of Windows.
  • 70-680 - Configuring Hardware and Applications (14 Percent): It tests the ability to configure devices and configure application compatibility. The latter objective is not limited to setting compatibility mode and various compatibility issues with the Internet explorer. The candidates are also tested for configuration of application restrictions and configuring Internet Explorer.
  • 70-680 - Deploying windows 7 (13 Percent): The candidate should be able to capture a system image and prepare a system image for deployment. They should be able to deploy system image and configure a VHD.
  • 70-680 - Configuring Access to resources (13 Percent): The candidate should be able to configure shared resources, file and folder access, user account control (UAC). It also requires configuring authentication and authorization along with configuring BranchCache.
  • 70-680 - Network connectivity (14 Percent): The candidates are also tested for configuring network connectivity which accounts for 14 percent. The person should be able to configure Ipv4 network settings and configure Ipv6 network settings, windows firewall, and remote management.
  • 70-680 - Configuring Backup and Recovery options: (11 Percent): To configure backup, configure system recovery options, file recovery options.
  • 70-680 - Configuring Mobile Computing (10 Percent): The candidate should be able to configure BitLocker and BitLocker To Go. He should be able to configure Direct Access, mobility options, remote connections,
  • 70-680 - Monitoring and Maintaining Systems that run windows 7 (11 Percent): The candidate should configure updates to windows 7, manage disks, monitor systems, and configure performance settings.

Candidates can easily prepare for the 70-680 study with the help of software program available. It is available at reasonable rates and you can order them with great convenience. It enables you to get Windows 7 Certification with minimal time and effort invested in the 70-680 study.


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