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Benefits Of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is a desktop delivery model, which allows client desktop workloads (operating system, application, user data) to be hosted and executed on servers in the data center. Users can communicate with their virtual desktops through a client device that supports remote desktop protocols such as RDP and ICA.

This solution allows you to virtualize Windows® desktops in the datacenter and deliver them on demand to any user — anywhere.


  • If you’re tired of struggling with the complexity and cost of distributed desktop management, you’re not alone. Desktop virtualization will revolutionize the way you manage and deliver desktops and allow you to dramatically streamline  your desktop lifecycle management.

Benefits Of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

  • Deliver a high definition user experience by dynamically assembling each user’s unique desktop from pristine components — operating system, applications, and user profiles — and leveraging Citrix HDX technologies each time they log on
  • Improve security by centralizing desktop and data management in the datacenter
  • Reduce desktop TCO by up to 40%

Below is an excerpt from a recent press release from Citrix. The entire press release can be viewed at the Citrix web site.

This model is so much simpler. I just push a button centrally, and it’s done,” said Charles Kanavel, director of technology for Campbell Union High School District. “That simplicity leads directly to cost savings. Using Citrix XenDesktop, our savings on this year’s replacement cycle is $250,000. That includes the infrastructure and all the pieces behind the desktop that make it all work. But that’s just the beginning of the realized savings – we’re extending the lifecycles of our computers and can now effectively turn any old machine into a low-cost thin client. And because of Citrix’s HDX technology, we’re able to do all this while giving students a rich, high-definition experience, even with older PCs and laptops.”

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) partners for this solution include Citrix XenDesktop and Streaming Services, Microsoft AppV, and VMware.

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One of the most common question to every one coming across this technology is, how to find Out If Desktop Virtualization Is Right For Us? We will update you with more information of this question and more on Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) in the coming days.


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