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Find Out If Desktop Virtualization Is Right For You

Desktop virtualization (sometimes called client virtualization), as a concept, separates a personal computer desktop environment from a physical machine using the client–server model of computing.

Virtual desktop infrastructure, sometimes referred to as virtual desktop interface (VDI) is the server computing model enabling desktop virtualization, encompassing the hardware and software systems required to support the virtualized environment.

Many enterprise-level implementations of this technology store the resulting "virtualized" desktop on a remote central server, instead of on the local storage of a remote client; thus, when users work from their local machine, all of the programs, applications, processes, and data used are kept on the server and run centrally. This allows users to run operating system and execute applications from a Smartphone or thin client which exceed the user hardware's ability to run.

Find Out If Desktop Virtualization Is Right For You

In my earlier post, we have seen what are the benefits of Virtual desktop infrastructure.  Now, how to say if the Desktop Virtualization is right for the situation? Well, that’s the next question to ask.

How To Find If Desktop Virtualization Is Right for You:

First and foremost, you know your user’s best. So I recommend you evaluate the “required” capabilities that users must have to perform their jobs and then look at virtualization as an enabler. That said, I do recommend every customer evaluating desktop virtualization ask themselves the following questions:

  • Do my users need to access information and applications when they are connected or disconnected from the network?
  • Do my users work with data that is sensitive and must be highly secured?
  • Do my users need to be able to customize their desktop so that if feels personal for them?
  • Do I need to consider how non-windows devices will access Windows applications?
  • Do my users need multiple windows environments (Dev.-Test Environment/ Business-Personal Environments)?

Based on those answers, you can start working on a desktop virtualization plan that works best for you and your workers unique needs.


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